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AMUN RE 2007 Home Page BPA Tourney

Welcome to the Home Page of the 2007 Boardgame Players Association's Amun Re Play by E-mail Tournament. My name is Arthur Field and I am the GM for this tournament.

In order to allow enough time to get people signed up, the tournament is beginning on October 1, 2007. Below are links to the playing site and Boardgame Players Association (BPA).

Those interested in joining the tournament should send an email to as soon as possible. Deadline for entries for the first round is September 25, 2007. All entrants must be members of the BPA in the year that the tournament is started. If you are not currently a member, you can become an associate member for $10 which entitles you to play in all of the BPA PBeM tournaments. Information on joining the BPA and the ongoing PBeM tournaments they sponsor can be found at Boardgame Player's Association.

All games will be played using the Amun Re game site located at SpielbyWeb. All players must join that free site and provide the GM with your login name.

Players will be assigned to games and a player captain will be tasked with creating the game using the password provided by the GM. Other players will join that passworded game. The player captain will be responsible for reporting the final score to the GM.

For the 2007 tournament, all players will compete in multiple rounds. If there are less than 25 players, there will be 5 rounds and 5 players will advance to a final. If there are more than 25, there will be 4 rounds and roughly 1/3 of the total will advance to a semi-final. This will be determined when entrants have closed. Players may join the tournament after October 1, but will be admitted to the next round only.

Players will be assigned randomly in the first two rounds to games of 5 (default) or 4. 3 player games used only in emergency.

Scoring for tournament will depend upon player rank and number in game. 5 player games will earn points as follows: 1st place 11, 2nd place 6, 3rd place 4, 4th place 2 and 5th place 1. 4 player games earn: 1st place 10, 2nd place 5, 3rd place 3 and 4th place 1. 3 player games earn 1st place 8, 2nd place 3 and 3rd place 1.

As soon as possible, players should join SpielbyWeb and play in a practice game there to familiarize themselves with the rules of Amun Re (the site has the rules detailed) and the mechanics of the game and the website. SbyW is unforgiving. Errors can not be retracted. Players are warned to carefully take the turn, and realize the "back" button does NOT work on SbyW. e.g. You must place a free farmer BEFORE you buy farmers, or you will not be able to.

All rounds will progress once every 6 weeks (tentatively Nov 15, Jan 1, Feb 15 with semi or 5th round on April 1 and final to start May 15 to end not later than July 15). Players will be expected to check in regularly. Slow games will be penalized 1 point per week or part thereof. GM decision final in all respects.

We hope you enjoy the game and have a successful tournament. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Update on 9/14/07: We have 23 people signed up so far. Kaarin E will be doing the seating assignments for the first round. Greg Thatcher will be assistant GM. We may extend signups an extra 10 days because Don just sent out the monthly newsletter 2 days ago.

Tournament Links shown below

Players - This section will list players who have signed up for the tournament as well as the games they have completed or are currently playing (will be constructed)

Game Progress - This section provides the updates of games in progress and a summary of the completed games

Tournament Files Amun Re Links

SpielbyWeb --this is the link to the site for games, SpielbyWeb notifies players when it is their turn to play. Game rules provided there.

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